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 Harvest Meadows

Fast Facts

Location: Commerce City (Chambers Rd & E. 101st Ave)

Neighborhood Composition: 145 Single-family homes

HOA/Metro District Collaboration Start Date: January 1, 2015

Homeowner Support: Homeowners voted by a margin of 69% in support of the collaborative agreements
                                     proposed by both the HOA board and the Metro District board.

For several years, the Harvest Meadows HOA operated a lean budget based on dues revenue totaling approximately $61,000/year. In 2013, with the HOA’s capital reserve significantly under funded (at approximately $2,000) and rising park maintenance costs, the HOA Board started evaluating whether to raise HOA dues.

In February 2014, the HOA board hired Wolfersberger, LLC to manage the HOA and assist the neighborhood in developing collaborative agreements between the HOA and the High Point Metropolitan District (the "Metro District"). Until 2014, the Metro District board was solely controlled by the neighborhood's developer. Consequently, three homeowners (two of whom were HOA board members) joined the Metro District board and, with their new partnership with Wolfersberger, LLC, the HOA board and Metro District board began developing cooperative agreements to reduce the cost of providing neighborhood services and increase cash flows to fund park improvement projects - without increasing the revenue collected from homeowners. Less than 12 months later, the Harvest Meadows neighborhood was generating an additional $42,000 of free cash flow (without reducing services) and the average cost burden placed on homeowners dropped by an average of 7%.

The chart below shows total property taxes and HOA dues paid by homeowners over the past 3 years. Notice that the estimated income tax savings generated by homeowners increased significantly beginning in 2015 causing the average estimated out-of-pocket cost per homeowner to decrease 7% over time. Combined with annual additional free cash flows of over $42,000, the Harvest Meadows neighborhood is off to a good start investing in projects and programs to improve the quality of life of its residents.

With a more generous social budget, the HOA Board sponsored the first ever movie night for residents in the Harvest Meadows Park in September 2015. In the summer of 2016, the Board is sponsoring three movie nights in the park during in addition to a few other social events.

Harvest Meadows Park -
Recreation Facilities Improvement Projects

Harvest Meadows enjoys a large 1.8 acre park located in the center of the neighborhood. For many years, the only recreation facilities at the park was a small children's playground. In December 2015, the HOA and Metro District approved construction of a 24ft x 24ft pavilion in the park at a cost of approximately $35,000.

The Board has surveyed its residents to identify other future potential recreation projects for the park. Popular project requests from homeowners include a basketball court, swings and expanded/upgraded playground equipment. All viable possibilities now that the neighborhood is generating an additional $42,000 of free cash flow each year!

 Pavilion Under Construction (January 2016)

Current Playground at Harvest Meadows Park (Summer 2015)