Have you ever been curious about how the services and quality of life in your neighborhood compare to that of other neighborhoods?  We are!  In this section, we provide information that allows homeowners to compare various services, facilities and other quality-of-life issues across neighborhoods.

We will be continually updating and adding new studies to this section of our website.  We hope you will find this information useful and periodically re-visit this site to review new content.

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School Achievement

See how schools across Colorado compare in academic achievement.

Neighborhood Infrastructure

Check out our work-in-process as we continue to compile data comparing the infrasctructure of covenant-controlled neighborhoods across Colorado.

Property Taxes

Check out our work-in-process as we contiue to compile data comparing property tax rates across Colorado covenant-controlled neighborhoods.

Other Public Studies

Review public studies published by governmental and non-profit organizations regarding various quality of life issues impacting Colorado neighborhoods.