Homeowner Payment Options

The following five options exist for homeowners who desire to make payments on their HOA or metropolitan district accounts:

   Payment Option  Cost
1. Submit a check by mail Free (other than paying for the cost of a stamp and envelope)
2. Submit an electronic check through your bank's online bill-pay service  Many banks offer bill-pay services free of charge. However, depending on your financial arrangements with your bank, your bank may charge a service fee.  Please contact your bank directly to learn more about the bill pay services they offer.
3. Submit an electronic check through our bank's online bill-pay service
4. Pay online using your credit card
Credit card processing fees apply
5. Enroll in our auto-pay program

Click on the tabs below to review the instructions for each payment option.

  • Pay by check
  • Bill-pay (your bank)
  • Pay by e-check
  • Pay by credit card
  • Autopay program
  • FAQ

Pay by check

If you chose to submit a payment by mail, please note the following:
  • Include your 10-digit account number in the memo field on your check
  • Make your check payable to your HOA or metro district (DO NOT MAKE YOUR CHECK PAYABLE TO WOLFERSBERGER, LLC)
  • Do not send cash or money orders
  • Please include your statement coupon with your check. (If you do not have a statement coupon, please ensure your check payment includes (1) the name of the HOA or metro district and (2) the street address of the property on which you are making a payment and/or the property owners' full names.
  • You are responsible for submitting your payment on time. Regardless of when the check is dated or when the check is placed in the mail, payments are considered received when they are received by our lockbox processor.
  • If your check is returned for non-sufficient funds, additional fees may be assessed on your account by your HOA or metropolitan district.

Please mail your check to the following address:

[Add your HOA or metro district's name here]
c/o Wolfersberger, LLC Processing Center
PO Box 97421
Las Vegas, NV 89193-7421

QUESTIONS? -- Click on the "FAQ" menu bar on the left side of this page to find answers to frequently asked questions regarding how to obtain information needed to make payments.