Our hands-on experience working with board members and homeowners gives us unique perspectives on the many issues facing Colorado neighborhoods. It is important that those who represent our clients at the city, county and state levels are aware of these issues and working on solutions to improve the quality of life and cost of homeownership throughout Colorado.

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Until June 1, 1998, the Title 32 laws allowed all metro districts to provide garbage collection services. However, the 1998 Colorado legislature introduced and passed a bill that effectively eliminated most metro districts’ powers to provide garbage services. The law was changed so that metro districts located in the top 18 (out of 64) most populous counties of Colorado would not be able to provide garbage services to its residents.

Per the State’s 2000 census study, the following counties had populations greater than 25,000:

  • Adams
  • Delta
  • Eagle
  • Garfield
  • Larimer
  • Morgan
  • Arapahoe
  • Denver
  • El Paso
  • Jefferson
  • Meas
  • Pueblo
  • Boulder
  • Douglas
  • Fremont
  • LaPlata
  • Montrose
  • Weld

Note: Nearly all of these 18 counties are located along the I-25 corridor and the western half of the I-70 corridor.
Senate bill 98053 was sponsored by state senators Gigi Dennis (R-So. Colorado) and Frank Weddig (D-Aurora) and state representatives Lewis Entz (R-San Luis Valley) and Russell George (R-Rifle).

Current Impact on Colorado Homeowners

Covenant-controlled communities that are managed through metropolitan districts encounter difficult barriers to providing garbage services to their residents. Typically, such neighborhoods must continue to be serviced by a combination of an HOA and a metro district to ensure a centrally-managed garbage collection service is provided to all residents. Unfortunately, the HOA/metro district combination creates an unnecessary administrative cost burden on homeowners. Such a cost burden on homeowners could be eliminated if the more financially efficient metro districts were given the power to provide garbage collection services.

Also, why should homeowners pay for garbage services through non-tax deductible HOA dues when such services could be funded through their metro districts’ tax-deductible property taxes assessments?

What We Are Doing For Colorado Homeowners

We are working with and encouraging the Colorado legislature to introduce and pass a bill that would eliminate the garbage collection restrictions placed on those metropolitan districts that are located in the 18 largest counties in Colorado. All metropolitan districts should be allowed to provide this service to Colorado homeowners. Not only would passing such a bill promote equal treatment of all metro districts but, more importantly, it would allow Colorado homeowners the opportunity to receive these neighborhood services at a lower cost.

Reducing the cost of home ownership is a worthy goal that we hope our State government will continue to support and promote during these difficult economic times.