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Let us show you how our services will help improve the quality of life within your HOA neighborhood. We provide HOA boards with a 3-part analysis and plan that shows you how we can (1) improve the long-term financial health and stability of your covenant-controlled community, (2) reduce the financial and operational risks of running your covenant-controlled community and (3) reduce the covenant enforcement service gap in your neighborhood between expectations and actualization.
 Financial analysis -- We will evaluate and identify those areas where significant cost savings can be generated without sacrificing service or service quality. Over the past several years, we have identified several covenant-controlled communities where savings of between $10,000 and $100,000 per year (depending on the size of the community) could be generated from restructuring the neighborhoods' financial operations.
  Risk analysis -- We will evaluate and identify those areas where your community can reduce financial and operational risk.  In most cases, three or four areas exist within a community's operations where risk exposure can be significantly reduced or virtually eliminated.
   Service gap analysis -- Covenant enforcement is the most important function performed within a covenant-controlled community. In addition, homeowners' confidence in the covenant enforcement process is perhaps the most important intangible asset of every covenant-controlled neighborhood. As the gap grows between homeowner service expectations and the actual covenant enforcement services provided, the intangible value of owning a home in a covenant-controlled community diminishes.  we will evaluate how large the service gap is in your neighborhood.

While many of our management services and capabilities can produce results in the short term, we believe the true value of our services comes from the time and effort required to develop and execute a long-term, realistically achievable plan that is designed to meet the specific needs of your neighborhood.

Information Request

Before we can get started on your comprehensive analysis, we will need the following minimum information:

      1) Declaration document
2) HOA Articles of Incorporation
3) HOA Bylaws
4) Three years of annual financial statements -- balance sheet and income statement (prefer 5 years, if available)
5) Total # of developed homes in the community & total # of undeveloped homes in the community
6) Current open violation report
7) 12-month historic violation report

In addition, after we complete an initial consultation with you, we may determine that additional information is required before we can begin preparing our comprehensive analysis of your neighborhood.


Once we complete our analysis, we usually request to meet with the HOA Board to present our 3-part analysis. Our presentations typically take about two hours--including time for questions and answers with the Board.

We are excited to show you what we can accomplish for your neighborhood!